Turkey where the East meets with the West...

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Turkey, the country where the East meets with the West... Traditionalism blends with modernism... Spirituality amalgamates with felicity... The past converses with the future. Discover Turkey, the home of two continents, hospitality, heavenly food, and more...

Turkey Home Videos

The Beauty of Cappadocia

Fairy chimneys are literally fairy. #Cappadocia, somewhere magical. You can join in the fairy tale over there.

Tea By Numbers

If there are two things we take seriously in Turkey, it's tea and hospitality!

Discover Dalyan!

Dalyan’s stunning waters and protected natural beauty make it a perfect family destination.


Turkey’s Turquoise Coast from the Air

A dizzying array of stunning shots of Turkey’s turquoise coast, from ancient castles to secluded coves and ancient cities to modern resorts.

Enchanting Gaziantep!

From its vibrant culture and rich history to its mouthwatering cuisine and friendly people, explore the hidden gem that’s Gaziantep in this short video!


Fethiye: The Land of Lights

Find freedom, lose yourself in the blue, embrace nature, dance with the wind.

Istanbul From A Bird's Eye

Watch this gorgeous city as if you were a seagull...

The UNESCO Sites in Turkey

Do you know how many sites from Turkey have been listed on the UNESCO List?

A Portrait of Turkey

The Landis family chose Turkey for their first international adventure together.